The realist [96-C]; Allen Ginsberg on the arrest of Abbie Hoffman [cover story]

New York: the monthly, June 1973. 8p., browned of course, but a nice copy.

Two full pages of the eight. First column, about 350 words, a memo from the Abbie Hoffman & Friends Defense Committee --Krassner?-- introducing a Ginsberg "to Whom It May Concern:" letter, about 1,200 words, concerning "charges of selling cocaine to undercover cops." // Last page consists of a column by Realist regular Reginald Dunsany on Hoffman, and Krassner's "Statement of ownership, management and circulation" to obtain a reduced postage rate; gives pressrun breakdowns. The remaining five pages are entirely devoted to a serious article by Laurie Garrett on "Cancer of the Cervix" which amongst other matters questions a medical penchant then current for total hysterectomies..Garrett story also completes companion Realist numbers 96-A and 96-B, these exclusively about birthing issues. // FYI, Realist issue numbers coded with added letter are not-for-sale supplements sent free to subscribers.

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