The realist [no.32]; freethought criticism and satire, the magazine of weightlessness. March, 1962

New York: The Realist Association, 1962. 24p., wraps, 8.5x11 inches browned, faintly edgeworn, illus.

Three cover stories : "Should violence be met with violence?" --about Robert F. Williams in Monroe, NC (4p.); The Story behind the Rumor" --Blauvelt Family Genealogy (a half page); "Is there sex life in outer space?" --there was at this time some public debate, not entirely confined to The Realist, whether comfort women should accompany astronauts (2p). Also : William Worthy contributes about 700 words how FBI braced him about "a reference in my speech to an FBI flyer on Robert F. Williams.. Holding up before the audience a copy of the flyer, I pointed out the erroneous FBI claim that Williams had been 'diagnosed as schizophrenic'.. The flyer also invented a couple of razor-type scars on Williams' body... I went on to tell the audience how the flyer indirectly came into my possession" [ripped off a wall in a post office and so 'govt property' --flyer reproduced in small].

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