The oasis. Mary McCarthy.

The oasis

London: Horizon, 1949. pp. 75-152, wraps slightly soiled and chipped and browned along the spine. Complete issue, this appearance of the Oasis precedes the book appearance. Horizon, a review of literature and art, edited by Cyril Connolly. Vol. 19, no. 110. February, 1949.

"In The Oasis, Mary McCarthy's heroine is also momentarily doused in the sea of pragmatic experience and is likewise unable to substantiate a new orientation, returning at the end to the dream-world of alienation. The structure of the novel is impressively worked out. McCarthy takes a relatively diverse group of individuals and isolates them in a utopian colony in Vermont. Within that group exist two factions, analogous to the divisions that grew out of the split in the Partisan Review over World War II." *Alan M. Wald, THE NEW YORK INTELLECTUALS; THE RISE AND DECLINE OF THE ANTI-STALINIST LEFT FROM THE 1930S TO THE 1980S. Chapel Hill, 1987. p. 241.

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