Hispanics in the United States

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1.                  El antillano; boletin del Circulo Martiano de Puerto Rico, año 1, núm 1. Hato Rey, PR, Circulo Martiano de Puerto Rico, 1984. First issue of the 8p. illus. 8.5x11 inch newsletter with subscription sheet laid in, wraps. Dedicated to 'la idea de la unidad antillana' (p. 1) along principles developed by José Marti.            25.00

2.                   Articles about Chicanos appearing in the Daily Californian (1966-1973). Berkeley, Chicano Studies Library, UCB, 1975. 10p., 8.5x11 inches, stapled wraps. (Selected Collections of the Chicano Studies Library 6)    15.00

3.                   Bienvenidos a la Conferencia de Inmigración; NLG convention opposes Carter plan. N. pl., National Lawyers Guild, [1977]. 8.5x11 inch handout, printed two sides, with the Guild's position on immigration and specifically on the Carter Administration's proposals.                                                                              22.00

4.                   The Black Cat Cafe; "Bohemia of the Barbay Coast" featuring "Jose" Sarria. San Francisco, the Cafe, 1972. 3.5x2.75 inch business card for manager Travis Dick, with a Dick drawing of an inebriated black cat.          22.00

5.                   Boletin de informacion libertaria; movimiento liberatiro Cubano en el exilio (M.L.C.E.), Noviembre de 1969. Miami, MLCE, 1969. Two 8.5x14 inch sheets, printed two sides, folded in half, stapled. 35.00

6.                   Another copy, Febrero de 1970. Miami, MLCE, 1970. Two 8.5x14 inch sheets, printed two sides, folded in half, stapled.                                                                                                                     35.00

7.                   Another copy, Abril de 1973. Miami, MLCE, 1973. Two 8.5x14 inch sheets, printed two sides, folded in half, stapled.                                                                                                                     35.00

8.                   Boycott $afeway boycott war. [Palo Alto], [United Farmworkers Grape Boycott], [1971]. 8.5x11 inch flyer, mimeographed single side, top right corner missing a triangle (not affecting text).          20.00

9.                   The boycott, ¿What, why & how? Visalia, CA, American Friends Service Committee, [1974]. 1p., 8.5x11 inch sheet, printed two sides, folded at center. On the UFW boycotts and the UFW/Teamster struggle.   22.00

10.               Bracero; organo de la Liga Flores Magon, volume 1, no. 1. San Antonio, Bracero, [197-?]. First issue of the 4p., 15x22 inch newspaper that stressed international Latin solidarity.                                                                 65.00

11.               Carter's immigration policy: attack on immigrant labor. Oakland, North American Congress on Latin America, [1978]. 12p. pamphlet, wraps.                                                                    25.00

12.               CASA presents Dia de los Muertos gay Latino/a dance, Saturday, Nov. 17, 1990, 8:30 p.m. - 1:00 a.m., Woman's Building, San Francisco. San Francisco, CASA, 1990. 1p. 8.5x11 inch flyer with a nice graphic for the event, printed single side.                                                                                                     25.00

13.               Ceremony of spirit; nature and memory in contemporary Latino art, curated by Amalia Mesa-Bains. San Francisco, The Mexican Museum, 1993. 47p., 9x12 inches, profusely illus. exhibition catalog.         22.00

14.               The changing profile of Mexican America; a sourcebook for policy making. Claremont, CA, The Tomás Rivera Center, 1985. x, 95p., numerous charts and graphs, 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Focuses on the demographics and economy of the southwest.                                                                                                        25.00

15.               Chicano liberation; in Class Struggle, summer, 1975 #2. Paramount, CA, October League (Marxist-Leninist), 1975. 46p. resolution from the October League's Third Congress in the 108p. journal, illus., wraps. 18.00

16.               CIRRS update; spring 1995. San Francisco, Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and Services, 1995. 8p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Written by Anita Wadhwani, the Newsletter covered information and services pertinent primarily to service providers and advocates for California's Latino immigrants, and focused on California's Proposition 187.      12.00

17.               Colonial Mexican and popular religious art; selections from the permanent collection of the Mexican Museum. San Francisco, The Mexican Museum, 1990. 48p., illus. with black/white photos of materials from the collection, 8.5x11 inches, wraps.                                                                                                35.00

18.               Con Safos; reflections of life in the Barrio, Vol. 1, #3, 1969. Los Angeles, Con Safos, 1968. 48p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps with Sergio Hernandez art.                                                                               45.00

19.              Another copy, summer, number 6. Los Angeles, Con Safos, 1970. 48p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Includes Tres Cartas de Zeta (Oscar Zeta Acosta) and 'A Trip through the Mind Jail' by Raul Salinas, along with art by Oscar Castillo, Seriio Hernandez, and others.                                                                                    50.00

20.              Another copy, number 7. Los Angeles, Con Safos, 1971. 65p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Includes a long excerpt (and first appearance of) Oscar Zeta Acosta's Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo, Gilberto Sanchez Lújan on Chicano art, with woodcuts by Roberto de la Rocha, a bibliographic essay on Los Chicanos by Roberto P. Haro, and much more.      75.00

21.               Another copy, number 8. Los Angeles, Con Safos, 1972. 64p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Tino Villanueva on Pachuco Remembered, art by Alamraz, Camargo, de la Rocha and others, and much more.      50.00

22.               Another copy of number 8, rear wrap rubbed.                                                     35.00

23.              Conmoción; #s 1-3, revista y red revolucionaria de lesbianas latinas. Miami Beach, Conmoción, 1995-6. First three issues of the Latina lesbian magazine, varous paginations (40-52), 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Cherríe Moraga, Achy Obejas, Terri de la Peña, Tatania de la Tierra, and many others.                                 65.00

24.               Conquiste amores; nuevo y tecnico sistema audio visual de Ingles. Fresno, Nuevo y Tecnico, [197-?]. 32p., wraps. Phrase and poetry book.                                                                                25.00

25.               Constitucion politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos; expedida el 31 de Enero de 1917 y promulgada el 5 de Febrero del mismo año, reformando la Constitución de fecha igual de 1857, edición de "La Patria". El Paso, Compañía Editora de "La Patria", 1923. 70p., stapled wraps largely unopened. La Patria was the newspaper published in El Paso by SilvestreTerrazas.                                                                                  95.00

26.               Coordinadora del Tercer Encuentro de Lesbianas Feministas de Latinoamerica y del Caribe. Caguas, PR, CELF, 1991. 8.5x11 inch conference registration form, printed single side, inked notes on verso.     18.00

27.               Cuba in crisis; proceedings from a conference sponsored by the Cuban American National Foundation, J. W. Marriott Hotel, Washington, D. C., Tuesday, October 26, 1993. Miami, Cuban American National Foundation, 1993. 64p., wraps.                                                                                                              18.00

28.               Curso practico de mecanica automotriz. Los Angeles, Instituto Practico Rosenkranz, [1929?]. A partial run of a self-study auto repair course with 1) an intorduction; 2) "Como estudiar" lessons 9-15; 3) Tareas Prácticas Series D, #s 1-21 and Series E, #s 1-5; 4) Lección 31 of the Curso Automovilistico, by the affiliated Escuela Nacional de Automores also based in Los Angeles. various paginations, 8x10.5 inches, embossed string-tied boards, a few tests at the end of each section completed in pencil.                                                                                65.00

29.               Desegregating the Los Angeles Unified School District: first simulation series; volume I, prepared for the Superior Court of the state of California. Los Angeles, Hamilton, Rabinovitz $ Szanton, 1979. v, 464 14x8.5 inch sheets, wraps somewhat torn and worn on spine.                                                        75.00

30.               Documentos de la migración Puertorriqueña (1879-1901)/Documents of the Puerto Rican migration, no. 1. New York, Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, 1977. 51p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Bilingual text.          35.00

31.               En el espíritu de la resistancia; los modernistas Africanoamericanos y la escuela muralista Mexicana, guia del profesor. New York, Afmerican Federation of Arts, 1996. 46p. guide to the exhibition (but not the catalog itself), illus. with a number of woodcuts, including several by Elizabeth Catlett, 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Text in Spanish.    25.00

32.               Esta Noche presents "A bitches' halloween!" Saturday, November 2nd costume contest. San Francisco, Esta Noche Productions, [1985]. 8.5x11 inch flyer illus. with a drawing of a witch and the bar's palm tree/SF skyline logo. Esta Noche was the city's first gay Latino bar.                                                                                             25.00

33.               Esto no tiene nombre; revista lesbianas latinas en Miami, vol. 1, no. 1 - vol. 3, no. 1. Miami, Esto No Tiene Nombre, 1991-4. First nine issues of the 8.5x11 inch latina lesbian quarterly, various paginations.. The first issue is photocopied; the second, third and eighth xeroxed (printed single side), the remaining five are regular magazine format. Tatania de la Tierra, Amy Santos, Cherrie Moraga, Vanessa Cruz and Amy Concepcion, among others, contributed prose and poetry to the magazine.                                                                            150.00

34.               Exemplary migrant students, Washington State; 2003-2004, cover art by Leah Wadman. Yakima, Educational Service District 105, 2004. 166p., illus. with photos of the students and some reproductions of student art, 8.5x11 inches, spiral-bound wraps.                                                                            22.00

35.               Extraños no más; una guía para los indocumentados. Albuquerque, The Inter-Hemispheric Education Resource Center, 1991. 48p., first edition, wraps. Spanish-language resouce guide for undocumented immigrants.       18.00

36.               Fact sheet on Salinas strike. Los Angeles, California Migrant Ministry, 1970. 8.5x11 inch mimeographed sheet, printed two sides, with a chronology of the growers' attempt to break the UFW via sweetheart Teamster contracts. Noted as 'revised'.                                                                                                     25.00

37.               Farm Workers and the National Labor Relations Board. Palo Alto, United Farm Workers. Palo Alto Boycott Office, 1972. 1p., 8.5x11 inches, printed single side, folded twice. Calling for opposition to the Nison administration's attempts to outlaw secondary boycotts under the National Labor Relations Act, despite the Act's exculusion of farm laborers from its provisions.                                                                                       25.00

38.               Farmworkers will win! / ¡Campesinos venceran! San Francisco, The Revolutionary Union, [1974?]. 1p. 8.5x11 inch sheet, printed two sides, somewhat wrinkled from folding. On the growers' attempt to break the UFW. 25.00

39.               First international meeting of the border governors of the United States and Mexico; June 26 and 27, 1980, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, a summation of the proceedings and position papers of the U.S.-Mexico border governors. N. pl., Southwest Border Regional Commission, [1980]. 58p., 8.5x11 inches, boards. With papers on undocumented workers, ecology, drugs, agriculture and more, from Texas to California and Nuevo Leon to Tijuana.      45.00

40.               From the west; Chicano narrative photography, curated by Chon A. Noriega. San Francisco, The Mexican Museum, 1995. 87p., illus. with black/white photos from the exhibition, 9x12 inches, wraps.            22.00

41.               Galeria de martires Mexicanos; Narraciones veridicas. San Antonio, Imprenta Universal, [1927]. 122p., profusely illus. with photos of the executed martyrs, wraps. Cristero exile literature, compiled in San Antonio.      125.00

42.               General Vallejo Memorial Association. [San Francisco, the Association, [1921?]. 26p., illus., wraps. The Association was founded to popularize Vallejo's contributions to the history of California and to convert his Sonoma home to landmark status. Primarily a history of Vallejo, drawn from secondary sources. 25.00

43.              Go unnoticed; images of (Re)Generatiom. July 2-August 10, 1996. San Francisco, Galería de la Raza, 1996. [24]p. illus. exhibition catalog, wraps. (Re)Generatiom exhibitions focused on Latino immigration. Includes contributions by Ramón Ramirez. Hector Mendoza, Rosa Perez and others.                                    15.00

44.               [Grand jury report, Condado de Bernalillo, territorio de Nuevo Mexico, 1873]. Three handwritten sheets, approximately 7.25x12.5 inches, several folds and a puncture hole. The second page is formed from three separate glued sheets, creating a few blank lines, but the text appears complete.. An original grand jury report, in Spanish, written by its president, Atanacio Montoya, and filed by court clerk J. C. Hill, extolling the management of the county's government and its fine prosecutor and judge.                                                           195.00

45.               El grito; a journal of contemporary Mexican-American thought, volume I, no. 2, winter 1968. Berkeley, Quinto Sol, 1968. 32p., + 7p. drawings by Salvador Roberto Torres (one of two of the artist's portfolios in this issue) wraps. Includes an article on rural community development by Ernesto Galarza.                     15.00

46.               Another copy, volume I, no. 3, spring 1968. Berkeley, Quinto Sol, 1968. [56]p., including 8p. Vietnam portfolio by Esteban Villa (who also designed the covers), wraps stained at top of spine. The issue is dedicated to Martin Luther King (with photo but no article), discussions of Vietnam, poetry by Orlando Ortiz, Jose Angel Gutierrez, and Josue M. Gonzalez, 3p. illus. of mastheads from Chicano papers, and a photo of Cesar Chavez, with a reproduction of his letter to coretta Scott King upon MLK's assassination.                                                            15.00

47.               Hacia una nueva politica de salud contra el SIDA; una publicacion de la Coalicion para una Politica Global contra SIDA. Cambridge, MA, the Coalicion, 1993. 14p., wraps.                              12.00

48.               Historic La Purisima; Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, Calif. [Lompoc], n. pub., [193-?]. 12p. pamphlet on the Mission, color wraps and centerfold, maps in text, wraps.                                           20.00

49.              Ingles practico; nuevo y tecnico sistema audio visual de Ingles. Fresno, Nuevo y Tecnico, [197-?]. [48]p., wraps. 18 lessons in English phrases, for immigrants. A set of records was issued to accompany the book, but not present (nor needed to use the book).                                                                                           25.00

50.              Inner City Voice; official organ of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, vol. 2, no. 6, June, 1970. Detroit, League of Revolutionary Black Workers, 1970. 16p. newspaper, very good condition, combining local and African news with the political perspective of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, the militant caucus within the UAW, which by 1970 had moved away from its close alliance with the Black Panthers. This issue also contains an article on Los Siete de la Raza.                                                                                                 65.00

51.              Another copy, vol. 2, no. 8, October, 1970. Detroit, League of Revolutionary Black Workers, 1970. 20p. newspaper, browned and fragile.                                                                                65.00

52.               The insurgent; newsletter of the Committee to Fight Repression, vol. 1, no. 1, summer, 1985. New York, Committee to Fight Repression, 1985. 40p., 8.25x11 inches, wraps. First issue of the journal devoted primarily to the struggles of Puerto Rican and African American radicals in their struggles with the police and courts. 25.00

53.               International guide to research on Mexico/Guia internacional de investigaciones sobre Mexico. La Jolla and Tijuana, Cener for U.S.-Mexican Studies, UCSD and El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 1987. xiv, 717p., wraps. This annotated bibliography includes sections on Chicano Studies and on Border Studies. 25.00

54.               It's time to bring them home! Chicago, National Committee to Free Puerto Rican Prisoners of War, [199-?]. 64p., illus. with photos, bound dos-a-dos, half in English, half in Spanish, on the Puerto Rican freedom fighters jailed during the 1980s.                                                                                                       25.00

55.               Kalayaan international: progressive Pilipino monthly, volume II, number 1, 1972. San Francisco, Kalayaan International, 1972. 20p., tabloid newspaper, illustrated with photos and drawings.     35.00

Vietnam war protests by Filipino Americans, Imperialism and Dope, Pilipino Immigration woes, 8p. Kalayaan supplement "Vietnam Will Win!" laid-in, Nixon's NLRB and its Anti-Union schemes, Farmworkers defeat.

56.               Latino style! To celebrate gay pride week con salsa y sabor! Saturday, June 18, 1983, Conjunto Cespedes, War Memorial Building, Green Room, 9:00 P.M. San Francisco, Lesbians and Gays of the Instituto Familiar de la Raza, 1983. 8.5x11 inch printed flyer, printed single side, palm tree graphic in center. Conjunto Cespedes was the Bay Area's leading Cuban American combo.                                                                                25.00

57.               Latins anonymous; two plays. Houston, Arte Publico Press, 1996. 103p., introduction by Edward James Olmos, wraps.                                                                                                                       15.00

58.               Libro de nacimientos y sueños; black and white de Plough. Memphis, Plough Chemical Co., [1935?]. [32]p. advertising catalog for Plough's drugstore products, with horoscopes for a full year, wraps with personal library stamps of El Paso/Chihuahua publisher Silvestre Terrazas. Not in OCLC.                            125.00

59.               Libro para colorear; libre para empezar, aire bueno a respirar. N. pl., American Cancer Society, 1987. 64p., 8.5x11 inch coloring book, text in Spanish, wraps. Aimed at Spanish-speaking children. 22.00

60.               Live sex acts; in The Portable Lower East Side, volume eight, number one. New York, Portable Lower East Side, 1991. 151p., wraps. With contributions by Larry Mitchell, Herbert Huncke, Manuel Ramos Otero, Luis Francia, Nan Goldin and others.                                                                                              18.00

61.               Lives beyond the borders; stories of work and school around the world. San Francisco, Herbert Hoover Middle School , [199-?]. 85p., illus. with photos of the students, 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Written by immigrant children in the school's ESL program. The children come from Latin America and Asia.                    15.00

62.               Lo del corazón: heartbeat of a culture: The Mexican Museum, 16 April - 15 June, 1986. San Francsico, The Mexican Museum, 1986. 24p., profusely illus. with reproductions of work shown in the exhibition (hearts as the central feature), 8.5x11 inches, wraps.                                                                       25.00

63.               Love and rockets #2. Seattle, Fantagraphics Books, 1990. 66p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, wraps. Part of the ongoing comic saga by the Hernandez brothers.                                                          25.00

64.               Another copy, #3. Stamford, CT, Fantagraphics Books, 1983. 64p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, slightly worn wraps.                                                                                                                       22.00

65.              Another copy, #24. Agoura Hills, CA, Fantafgraphics Books, 1987. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, wraps slightly creased.                                                                                                         15.00

66.               Another copy, #28. Agoura Hills, CA, Fantafgraphics Books, 1986. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps.         18.00

67.               Another copy, #29. Agoura Hills, CA, Fantafgraphics Books, 1986. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps.         18.00

68.              Another copy, #36. Seattle, Fantagraphics Books, 1990. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, signed 'Beto 91' on p. 1, first printing, wraps                                                                                                           25.00

69.               Another copy, #37. Seattle, Fantagraphics Books, 1992. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, wraps.      15.00

70.               Another copy, #44. Seattle, Fantagraphics Books, 1990. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, wraps.      15.00

71.               Another copy, #45. Seattle, Fantagraphics Books, 1994. 32p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, slightly creased wraps.      12.00

72.               El Malcriado; emergency issue, October 1971. Keene, CA, United Farm Workers Organizing Committee, 1971. 4p., wraps. This issue was used to organize the drive for unemployment insurance for farmworkers, and includes an appeal from Cesar Chavez on the rear wrap.                                                              18.00

73.               Merienda; celebrating Monterey's 186th birthday, Memory Garden, Old Pacific Building - Saturday, June 2nd, 1956. Monterey, The Monterey History and Art Association, 1956. 4p. illus. program, folded in center, illus., stained wraps. A celebration fo the area's Spanish heritage.                                                    12.00

74.               Mexican-Americanists of Texas; a Chicano studies directory. Austin, Center for Mexican-American Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 1971. 17 sheets, printed single side, 8.5x11 inches, wraps browned.  45.00

75.               Mission Santa Barbara; queen of the missions, based on a text by Maynard Geiger. Santa Barbara, Franciscan Fathers of California, 2001. 32p., profusely illus., revised from the 1986 edition, stiff wraps.            12.00

76.               Mujerio; el boletin para lisbianas latinas del Area de la Bahia/the Bay Area Newsletter for Latina lesbians, Dec & Jan, 1991. San Francisco, Mujerio Newsletter Committee, 1991. 10p., two classifieds cicled in pen, 8.5x11 inches, stapled. Partly bilingual (primarily English). Includes poetry by Esperanza Macias, Victoria Alegria Rosales, Carmen Vasquez and others, and comix by Rebeca Garcia.                                                     25.00

77.               New rain; volumes vii & viii, double issue in honor of Audre Lorde. Bronx, Blind Beggar Press, 1990. 200p. issue of the multicultural women's literary magazine, wraps. Mostly poetry, with contributions from Ruby Dee, Sandra Maria Esteves, Regina Williams, Gloria Grant, Kimiko Hahn and many others.                      18.00

78.               Nuevas vistas; a report of the second annual conference of the California State Department of Education, sponsored by Mexican-American Education Research Project and the Project for Curriculum Development for Adults with Spanish Surnames, California State Department of Education. Sacramento, California State Department of Education, 1969. vi, 26p., illus., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. The conference was planned in cooperation with MAPA, LULAC, the GI Forum and other groups.                                                                  22.00

79.               Origines/origens: Dias de los muertos; October 15 5o November 9 1996. San Francisco, Galeria de la Raza, 1996. [16]p. illus. exhibition catalog, wraps.                                                               15.00

80.               El otro lado; una guía para los indocumentados. Albuquerque, NMPE, 1980. 34p., first edition, wraps. Spanish-language resource guide for undocumented immigrants.                                               25.00

81.               Our favorite animals; written and illustrated by Mrs. Villanueva's class, White Memorial School, 2003-04. Topeka, Nationwide Learning Resources, 2004. 43p. self-published book, with every other page illus in color by one of the Latino children in the class, with facsimiles of their handwritten text on the facing page, 11x8.5 inches.     25.00

82.               ¡Outrageous recipe ... Jewelle Gomez, Chrystos, Cherríe Moraga; San Francisco Women's Building , Saturday, May 14. San Francisco, Women's Building , 1994. 8.5x14 inch sheet, printed single side, with photos of the event participants, folded twice, date '1994' written in ink.                                          20.00

83.               Palabras basicas; nuevo y tecnico sistema audio visual de Ingles. Fresno, Nuevo y Tecnico, [197-?]. [24]p., wraps. 1000 Spanish words, translated into English with pronunciation and grammar, for immigrants.            25.00

84.               Portola festival; official souvenir program, San Francisco, October 2nd to November 7, 1948. San Francisco, Portola Festival and Pageant, 1948. [72]p. program book, profusely illus. with historic photos of San Francisco, text primarily on Portola's trek, 8.5x11 inches, wraps with cover drawing by Amado González combining the city's purported Hispanic heritage with the Golden Gate Bridge and a football game .                           25.00

85.               ¿La pregunta? Who cares about this multi-media event that is dedicated to uniting the Chicano and Central- American community? East side artistas, SCARC, Linea Quebrada, and the Chicano Delegation Artistas and you, that's who! ... Saturday/Sabado, 29 of Abril, 6PM ... 840 Echo Park Ave N. Los Angeles, various groups, [1988?]. 8.5x11 inch flyer, printed two sides, folded for mailing. One side is a graphic collage depicting Latino struggles in the US and Central America, the other lists the artists and performers appearing at the event.        25.00

86.               Puerto Ricans celebrate el grito de lares; Friday -Viernes - Sept. 23, 1994, The Women's Building, 3543 - 18th St., S.F. San Francisco, n. pub., 1994. 4.25x5.5 inch card with graphic of Puerto Rican flage, date 1994 written in ink. 12.00

87.               Puerto Rico U.S.A. Washington, Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, [1980]. 76p., profusely illus., wraps. History, culture, politics, travel. (Heritage #1)                                                             18.00

88.               "Putting on the lips" contest; San Francisco's first gay Latino bar, Esta Noche . San Francisco, Esta Noche Productions, [1985]. 8.5x11 inch flyer illus. with the bar's palm tree/SF skyline logo.   25.00

89.               QueerRaza; el corazón me dio un salto, celebrating 25 years. San Francisco , (Re)Generation Project, Galería de la Raza, 1995. [16]p., scattered illus., wraps.                                                             20.00

90.               Recent additions to the Chicano Studies Library, vol. II, nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, November 1974-May 1975. Berkeley, Chicano Studies Library, University of California, 1974-75. Six 8.5x11 inch bulletins, various paginations (approx. 10p. each), wraps.                                                                                       25.00

91.               Renato Rosaldo lecture series monograph; vol. 1, series 1983-84, summer 1985. Tucson, Mexican American Studies & Research Center, 1985. 67p., wraps. Includes articles by Christine Martin on Tucson's Mexican-American women in WWII, Vicki Ruiz labor activism among Mexican American women, and Raquel Rubio Goldsmith on the Mexican Sisters of the House of Providence in Douglas, AZ in the 1930s and '40s.     25.00

92.               Renato Rosaldo lecture series monograph; vol. 3, series 1985-86, summer 1987. Tucson, Mexican American Studies & Research Center, 1987. i, 81p., wraps. Includes articles on immigration, jokes and ethnic pluralism in Mexico.      25.00

93.               Report of the southwest states Chicano Consumer Conference on health; San Antonio, Texas, January 26-29, 1972. Rockville, MD, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1972. 155p., 7.25x10 inches, wraps. With articles on numerous projects, including ones in Denver and East Los Angeles.            25.00

94.               Report to the California State Department of Education --Mexican-American Education Research Program, "Solutions in communications". San Jose, Santa Clara County Office of Education, 1969. Eight sheets printed single side + four sheets of appendices, 8.5x11 inches, folded 8,5x11 inch sheet from the tutorial program Operation Share laid in, stapled wraps.                                                                      25.00

95.               Safe sex party! Live show with Lola! and special guests, April 28 [1988], 9:00 p.m., 3079 16th St. San Francisco, The Latino AIDS Project and Esta Noche, [1988]. 1p. 8.5x11 inch flyer for the event, printed single side, with a drawing of San Francisco's skyline.                                                                  25.00

96.               "A salute to Hollywood"; Estuardo Tatiana and her male strip revue ... Saturday, August 13, 1988 after-hours dance party ... Esta Noche, 3079 16th Street, San Francisco. San Francisco, Esta Noche Productions, 1988. 8.5x14 inch flyer illus. with photos of Estuardo and 'her' strippers. Esta Noche was the city's first gay Latino bar.     25.00

97.               Select Commission on Immigration and Refugee Policy newsletter; nos. 1 through 4, November 1979 - February 1981. Washington, the Commission, 1979-81. First four issues of the 6p., 8.5x11 inch newsletter that contains discussions on Cuban, Haitian and Mexican immigration, both documented and undocumented.        35.00

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99.               Sin máscaras; para los de ambiente. San Francisco, Sin Máscaras, 1989. 4p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. A publication for gay/lesbian/bisexual Latinos, with AIDS coverage.                               15.00

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105.           Toward a Chicano/Raza bibliography: drama, prose, poetry. Berkeley, Quinto Sol Publications, 1973. 85p., bookplate from resource center, wraps. (El Grito book series, Year VII, Book 2)     20.00

Includes bibliographies in each of the areas mentioned in the title.

106.           U. W. Chicana secretary fired for speaking out. Seattle, United Workers Union Independent, 1977. 8.5x14 inch flyer, printed two sides, horizontal center crease and slight rumpling but no tears, loss of text or unreadability.      35.00

107.           UFW update. San Jose, UFW Support Committee at San Jose State, [1976?]. 8.5x14 mimeographed sheet, printed two sides, on the summer field elections and other developments in the Central Valley.          25.00

108.           Vote No on the anti-farmworker initiative/boycott lettuce. N. pl. , N. pub., [1972]. 5,5x8.5 inch flyer, printed two sides, issued in the Bay Area in support of the United Farmworkers' campaign to beat the grower-sponsored initiative, Proposition 22, that would have outlawed boycotts, limited strikes, and deny other rights to field workers.      22.00

109.           La voz de Aztlan; volume 1, issue 1, November 1, 1994. Tucson, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, 1994. 8p., 8.5x11 inch newsletter, wraps. "Our responsibility is to show the greatly hidden positive side of the Chicano(a) and his/her culture." - Historian chair Rudy B. McCormick, p. 8.               25.00

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111.           Welcome to the basilica of Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo; Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Carmel, the Mission, [197-?]. 4p., illus. brochure, wraps.                                           12.00

112.           Words from the house of the dead; prison writings from Soledad, a facsimile version of a book, 6:15 unlock-a kite from Soledad, handmade by prisoners & smuggled out, with introductions by Joseph Bruchac & William Witherup, and a glosary of joint jargon, and additional prison materials marked off by borders. Trumasburg, NY, The Crossing Press, 1974. Unpaginated, illus. with prisoners' drawings, etc., second enlarged edition (an earlier, shorter version was released by the Greenfield Press in 1971). Contains poetry and prose by prisoners of all ethnicities, imprisoned for drugs, politics and various felonies.                                                                             45.00

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114.           ¡ Zambúllete! ... Puerto Rican Network's Cultural Nite II, Día de San Juan ... Friday, June 21, 1991 ... Women's Building ... San Francisco. San Francisco, Puerto Rican Network, 1991. 8.5x11 inch sheet, printed single side, with graphic, advertising the event.                                                                                     20.00

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 Snapshot illustrations record not only Acosta's theatre, film and music-world celebrity friends, but her interest in mystical religion; find pix [doubtless unpublished] of D. T. Suzuki, Ramana Maharshi, Aldous Huxley.

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A collection of writings by Allende and others on the art of food and love, with chapters on aphrodisiacs.

137.          Allende, Isabel. Daughter of fortune; a novel, translated from the Spanish by Margaret Sayers Peden. New York, HarperCollins, 1999. 399p., signed by the Chilean American writer, first printing, dj. A thoroughly enjoyable novel of Chileans and Chinese in San Francisco and northern California during the gold rush.    20.00

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With considerable material on Joaquin Murietta and other 'bandit' and outlaw tales, filibustering expeditions, rancho life.

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181.          Another copy, lacking dj.                                                                                     10.00

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185.          [bumper sticker]. Boycott grapes Gallo! Unless you see this label. Los Angeles, n. pub. , [1969?]. 12.5x4 inch bumper sticker, black and orange with UFW flag between 'Grapes' and 'Gallo'.          22.00

186.          [Bumper sticker]. Commemorate Chicano moratorium; build for 1980, Sept. 1, 79, Atlantic Park to Salazar E.L:.A. Los Angeles, August 29 Movement, 1979. 15x4 inch orange and black bumper sticker, August 29 graphic on left. 22.00

187.          [Bumper sticker]. Cesen las deportaciones. N. pl., n. pub., [198-?]. 12x3.75 inch bumper sticker, orange and black with a small graphic, probably done in Los Angeles about 1980.                                                         15.00

188.          California Quarterly. The Salt of the earth; in California quarterly, volume 2, number 4, Summer 1953. 72p. + 8p. photos, wraps lightly soiled with minor creasing. Contains the full screenplay and several articles about Salt of the Earth, Herbert Biberman's film of a strike by union miners, predominantly Mexican Americans, that was deprived of conventional distribution channels at the height of the McCarthy era.                           15.00

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193.          Another copy, wraps.                                                                                          15.00

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The author, a Portuguese-American and wife of Antonio De Souza Canavarro became one of the first outspoken female Buddhists in America, lecturing in most major cities at the dawn of the 20th century after her ritual conversion (to "Mongoloid mysticism," as she terms it in another of her books) in 1897. She was probably born in San Antonio, but moved to Mariposa County, CA, when she was a child. As a young adult, she came into contact with the Theosophical society and became the second American to profess allegiance to Buddhism. She then went to Ceylon, administering an orphanage, a girls school, and a convent. Returning to the US in 1900, she "was sent as a Buddhist representative to the Pan-American Parliament of Religion," and went on the lecture circuit, but soon felt the pull of other religious impulses. She experimented with Baha'i , then became a Hindu, joining Swami Paramananda's Ananda Ashram in the 1920s.

196.          Candelaria, Nash. Memories of the Alhambra. Tempe, AZ, Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingüe, 1977. 191p., first edition, new in dj. Novel of an older Chicano in search of his 'Spanish' origins.            25.00

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198.          [Cansino, José]. José Cansino and his company of Spanish Dancers present a new arrangement of Spanish dance sketches, Community Playhouse ... San Francisco ... December 18, 1936. San Francisco, n. pub., [1937]. 4p. program illus.with photos and drawings, wraps. Cansino was Rita Hayworth's uncle and a teacher and performer of classical Spanish dance.                                                                                             20.00

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The Chicano research collective that compiled these clippings on a monthly basis sought to make information generally available to Chicano researchers and educators to disseminate these materials to the widest possible audiences. The service began in 1972 and lasted through 1980.

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Under the name Robert Forsythe, Crichton wrote a humor column for the New Masses in the 1930s, breaking with the Communist Party in 1939 over the Hitler-Stalin pact. Novel on the "problems of an upper class Chicano family in Albuquerque." *Hanna 845.

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258.          Another copy of the first edition, not signed, dj.                                                    25.00

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The Hispanic Mormon Bishop, a missionary to Central America, challenged the church over the issue of excommunicating gays.

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The author's family fled from Villa, settling in the US. Fuente became a star college baseball player, then returned to Mexico as a businessman whose interests led him back and forth across the border.

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 When unskilled labor is scarce, police arrests fall to a minimum; when there is a labor surplus, anti-drug-use law enforcement increases. "Repression," the authors argue on p.37, "is the simple word for it. Of course, public officials with this purpose" [repression of labor unrest] "do not announce it as such, like a gang of blackshirts."

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The true first edition; reissued expanded and doubtless improved by Thunder's Mouth in the 1990s as "Deadly Secrets," that title remaindered and still easy to get.

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412.          Another copy, first wraps edition.                                                                         12.00

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"[T]races the past history of our discrimination against the Negro, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Puerto Rican and Filipino--and relates this situation to the war effort and the peacetime world." - dj [not present on this copy].

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The Community Theatre in Padua, founded in the late 1920s, almost by accident became the home of the Mexican American troupe that worked hard both to preserve aspects of their own culture while presenting it to wider audiences.

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Montalvo's work actually precedes the Spanish 'discovery' of California.

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Nelson was a leader in the early months of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee South Texas farm workers strike of 1966-67.

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The author uses precolombian mythological themes to weave an enchanting adventure story for children in picture-book format.

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Seltzer, a Texas newspaperman, was imprisoned for his pacifism during World War II, then became a hobo and a writer whose pseudonymous descriptions of Mexican American life in the Southwest won critical acclaim from Mexican American and Anglo critics alike. Although he took newspaper jobs throughout the area, he eventually returned to the road, working as a laborer and a seaman, and visiting the soup kitchens, hobo jungles, and cotton fields that provided the grist for his stories.

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“[S] in a southwest company-owned mining town, ... the story of coal miners struggling for a better life." - dj.

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