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1.                  A & F quarterly; summer issue 1999. Columbus, OH, Abercrombie & Fitch, 1999. 310p. catalog with lotsa black/white and color photos of naked guys and girls, well-known for homoerotic photos by Bruce Weber, 9x11 inches, wraps.                                                                                                                       75.00

2.                  A & F quarterly; back to school issue 2001. Columbus, OH, Abercrombie & Fitch, 2001. 280p. catalog with photos by Bruce Weber, 9x11 inches, wraps.                                                            65.00

3.                   Betty & Pansy's severe queer review of Washington, DC. San Francisco, Bedpan Productions, 1993. vi, 88p., signed by Betty, first printing, wraps.                                                                         12.00

4.                   Birthstone; number 5. San Francisco, Brithstone, 1978. 29p., wraps. A mixed bag of poems, some with lesbian content.                                                                                                                     15.00

5.                   Chantons dans le placard; programme officiel. Paris, Tango, 2006. 16p. illus. program, wraps. The program for this musical comedy - written by Michel Heim - contains important information on gay and lesbian music.     18.00

6.                   Confronting heterosexuality/Confronter l'hétérosexualité; in RFR/DRF, September/December 1990, volume 19, number 3 & 4. Ontario, RFR/DRF, 1990. 140p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps with stain along right front edge.      25.00

7.                   Construction. N. pl., N. pub., [198-?]. 6 full-page 8.5x11 inch drawings with leather and metal sex themes, stapled wraps.                                                                                                           30.00

8.                   Country lesbians; the story of the Womanshare Collective, by Sue, Nelly, Dian, Carol, Billie. Grants Pass, OR, WomanShare, 1976. vii, 196p., slightly worn wraps.                                                  35.00

9.                   Criminality, social disruption and homosexuality; homosexuality is a crime against humanity. Lincoln, NE, ISIS, 1985. 8-panel brochure. British Israelite perspective on supressing homosexuality.      15.00

10.               Diseased pariah news # 1. San Francisco, DPN, 1990. 30p., illus., wraps. First issue of the zine by and for HIV+ gay men.                                                                                                                    15.00

11.               Diseased pariah news, #s 1-11. San Francisco, DPN, 1990-1995. Various paginations (32-42), illus., wraps. The first issue is the reprint. A complete run of the zine by and for HIV+ gay men.       65.00

12.               Frontiers; a journal of women studies, volume IV, number 3, fall 1979. Boulder, Frontiers, 1979. 87p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Lesbian history issue.                                                                           15.00

13.               Ganymede; a journal of gay poetics. Campsie, New South Wales [?], Ganymede, [1979?]. [32]p., wraps.      45.00

14.               Gay sunshine; a journal of gay liberation, summerfall 1976, no. 29/30. San Francisco, Gay Sunshine, 1976. 36p., wraps. Interviews with Taylor Mead and Peter Orlovsky.                                           18.00

15.               Gay sunshine; a newspaper of gay liberation, January - February 1973, no. 16. San Francisco, Gay Sunshine, 1973. 24p., wraps. The Allen Ginsberg interview issue.                                              20.00

16.               Gay sunshine; a newspaper of gay liberation, May-June 1973, no. 18. San Francisco, Gay Sunshine, 1973. 24p., wraps. The Harold Norse interview issue.                                                                  18.00

17.               Gay sunshine; a newspaper of gay liberation, spring 1974, no. 21. San Francisco, Gay Sunshine, 1974. 24p., wraps. The William Burroughs interview issue.                                                            18.00

18.               Gedichte des Catullus; uebersetzt von W. Amelung, mit einer Einleitung von Fr. Spiro und einigen Abbildungen antiker Denkmäl;er. Jena, Eugen Diederichs, 1911. 39p., including several tipped-in plates (photographic images of classical statuary), very good in wraps.                                                                                                        25.00

19.               Herculine Barbin; being the recently discovered memoirs of a nineteenth-century French hermaphrodite, introduced by Michel Foucault, translated by Richard McDougal. New York, Pantheon Books, 1980. xvii, 199p., later wraps printing.                                                                                                           12.00

20.               Homosexual counseling journal; the quarterly journal of the Homosexual Community Counseling Center, volume 1, number 1, January 1974. New York, HCCC, 1974. 36p., wraps. First issue of the journal, edited by Ralph Blair, that served as a focal point for the development of social services in gay communities nationwide in the 1970s.      25.00

21.               Homosexuality and the theatre; in Canadian Theatre Review, # 12, fall 1976. Downsview, ON, Canadian Theatre Review, 1976. 41p. of articles - including David Watmough's 'Setting the Stage' and Eric Bentley's 'The Homosexual Question' in the 160p. issue, wraps.                                                        22.00

22.               Hostile climate; a state by state report on anti-gay activity, 1999 edition. Washington, People for the American Way, 1999. 249p., wraps.                                                                                         18.00

23.               House of dreams and other stories, poems, photographs and drawings. San Francisco, Pan-Graphic Press, 1964. 52p., illus. with photos and drawings, very good in wraps. The fiction and poetry are primarily by James Ramp, with contributions from Harold Riley and Centaur, and photos and drawings by K. Ortloff, George Tamara, jean Mario and others. (Dorian vignettes 3)                                                                                                             50.00

24.               HuK info; Ökumenische Arbeitsgruppe, Homosexuelle und Kirche, nr. 58, Mai/Juni 1986. Nürnberg, HuK, 1986. 34p., 8.5x11 inches, wraps.                                                                                       15.00

25.              HuK info; Ökumenische Arbeitsgruppe, Homosexuelle und Kirche, nrs. 58, Mai/Juni 1986 - 63, März/April 1987. Nürnberg, HuK, 1986-7. Various paginations, 8.5x11 inches, wraps. Five issues (59/60 is a double issue) of the gay ecumenical magazine.                                                                                                 50.00

26.               I promise you this; collected poems in memory of Harvey Milk. San Francisco, David Emerson Smith, 1979. 29p., wraps.                                                                                                              25.00

27.               Jean Cocteau and the French scene. New York, Abbeville Press, 1984. 239p., first edition, slightly edgeworn dj. Articles by Francis Steegmuller, Ned Rorem, Doré Ashton and others.                  20.00

28.               Join hands; gay prisoners' news, issue #6. Oct. & Nov., 1976. San Francisco, Join Hands, 1976. 8p newspaper, folded for mailing purposes, splitting along fold. This issue of the radical gay prisoners' paper emphasizes health care in prison.                                                                                                                       25.00

29.               Juventus; revue littéraire mensuelle, 1, 15 Mai 1959. Paris, Juventus, 1959. 47p., wraps. First issue of the homophile journal.                                                                                                     50.00

30.               Kalendar special, volume II, issue (GS), February 22, 1974. San Francisco, Mecca Publications, 1974. 20p. newspaper. With full-page (11x17 inches) photos of the nine entrants for the Mr. Kalendar contest. 18.00

31.               The lavender baedeker for 1967, incorporating the Lavender almanac; the guidebook to gay, interesting, historical and hysterical places in the United States. San Francisco, Strait and Associates, [1967]. 48p., 7x10.5 inches, slightly foxed wraps with two grease pencil marks. One of the first gay travel guides.   45.00

32.               Lesbian women; volume one, number one. Reseda, CA, Academy Press, 1977. 64p., profusely illus. with sexually explicit photos, 8x10.75 inches, wraps. Lesbians for men.                                                                           30.00

33.               Man's way; volume 1/no. 3. Ft. Lauderdale, Man's World International Publishing, 1977. 129p., illus., 8.5x11", wraps. Gay travel magazine.                                                                                       18.00

34.               Männer/men/hommes/hombres/uomini. Berlin, Verlagsgruppe Vis-à-Vis, 1988. 18p., illus. with homoerotic and drag book cover photos, wraps. First Vis-à-Vis subject catalog.                                                                 18.00

35.               Manroot; #6/7, April, 1972. 192p., wraps. Gay poetry.                                     15.00

36.               Masques; revue des homosexualités, hiver 81/82, no. 12. Paris, l'Association Masques, 1981. 192p., wraps. Jean Genet issue, with contributions by Conrad Detrez and Tony Duvert, among others, three pages of 'Lettres et poèmes inédits', and an interview conducted by Hubert Fichte.                                                50.00

37.               Mouth of the dragon: 9. New York, Mouth of the Dragon Press, 1976. 74p., wraps. Contributors include Dennis Cooper, Melvin Dixon, Robert Peters, George Whitmore and many others.                25.00

38.               Mouth of the dragon: number 10. New York, Mouth of the Dragon Press, 1976. 72p., wraps. Contributors include Ivan Arguelles, Dennis Cooper, Melvin Dixon, Freddy Greenfield, Maurice Kenny, Burton Weiss, and many others.                                                                                                                       25.00

39.               Mouth of the dragon: number 11 and 12. New York, Mouth of the Dragon Press, 1977. 123p., wraps. Contributors to this double issue include Erskine Lane, Robert Peters, Richard Ronan, Stephen Abbott, and many others.                                                                                                                       25.00

40.               New: no. 24, 1974. Trumansburg, NY, The Crossing Press, 1974. 128p., wraps. Includes contributions by Peters, Charles Shively, Ron Schreiber and many more.                                                         15.00

41.               New: xxi; American and Canadian poetry, spring/summer 1973. Trumansburg, NY, The Crossing Press, 1973. 79p., wraps. Includes Ian Young's 'Moving of the Stones'.                                          15.00

42.               No apologies; a magazine of gay writing, #5. San Francisco, No Apologies, 1985. 52p., with contributions from Stan Leventhal, David Trinidad, Michael Lassell and Edward Mycue, and an interviw with Felice Picano.     18.00

43.               "Ready or not, it's me"; Ron-Mor presents Michelle in an original night-club review, music by Ron Morano, lyrics by Gordon Bealer. San Francisco, Ron-Mor, [1967]. Two 12-inch lps in very good condition, inner sleeves present, double outer sleeve with photos and text, somewhat worn and soiled.            45.00

44.               Rood haar en elzenhout . . . Amsterdam, C.O.C., 1961. [20]p., wraps. A description of COC and its activities.      30.00

45.               Services for gay people and their families. San Francisco, Operation Concern, [197-?]. 6-panel brochure for counseling services.                                                                                                    12.00

46.               The Sexual Minority Youth Service Coalition. San Francisco, the Coalition, [198-?]. Two 8p. brochures, one on the coalition, the other on employment services.                                                     15.00

47.               Shellac; #s 0, 1, and 2. San Francisco, Ultra Down Productions, 1999-2001. Various sizes and paginations, wraps. A brilliantly produced multicultural queer journal/zine hybrid, great layout, dealing with edge postmodern issues of culture, gender and ethnicity, with contributors including Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Jaime Cortez.  75.00

48.               SIDA: épidémies et sociétés; AIDS: epidemics and societies, 20 et 21 Juin 1987.8, compte rendu de la réunion organisée aux pensières à Veyrier-du-Lac Annency. Lyon, Fondation Marcel Mérieux, 1987. 213p., wraps.      25.00

49.               Sixth annual Florida Conference for lesbians and gay men; 'Silence is no longer enough', communication in the '80s, May 22 -25, 1981, Loch Haven Park, Orlando, Florida. Winter Park , Gay Community serivces of Central Florida, 1981. 20p. program book, wraps.                                                                                                 22.00

50.               Skeleton in the closet in Ms. Tree quarterly, number 3, spring 1991. New York, DC Comics, 1990. 48p. story in the 64p. comic book, slightly worn wraps. The story, written by Max Allan Collins and drawn by Terry Bearry, is a murder mystery based on campus tensions between gays and straights, and a murder in the middle of the tensions.      15.00

51.               Skipper's mates; vol. 1, no. 4, September, 1975. Danville, KY, Skipper's Guides, 1975. 28p., wraps with ad sheet for various publications laid in and pen notation on the cover. Kentucky-based Gay cruising magazine. 15.00

52.               Skylight Books presents 30 L.A. poets; originally presented to Skylight Books customers in April 2000 as part of Poetry Month. Los Angeles, Skylight Books, 2000. 31 6.5x8 inch cardstock sheets, each (save the last) printed single side with a poem by a different poet for each day. Wanda Coleman, Dennis Cooper, Ron Koertge, Terry Wolverton and others.                                                                                                                                35.00

53.               Stonewall; an alternative to correction. Seattle, Stonewall, [198-?]. 6-panel brochure for the residential treatment center for homosexual parolees, addicts, etc.                                                              15.00

54.               A study of sexual activity between males; album 1501. Los Angeles, Greyhuff, 1970. [24]p., almost entirely explicitly homoerotic photography with one page of text, wraps with one slightly rubbed spot. Cover title: Album 1501.      50.00

55.               Summer in the country; translated from the edition of 1867 by Donald Thomas. London, The Odyssey Press, n. d. xxv, 132p., dj. Translation of the anonymous French lesbian novel.                                                          50.00

56.               Tarry a while and other stories. Zurich, Der Kreis, [1964]. 16p., wraps with 2p. photos. Four stories from Der Kreis, in English, along with a poem by 'Steward' (Sam?) on the verso of the front wrap. 50.00

57.               Triumph in 86; vol. 1, no. 1, January 1984. San Francisco, San Francisco, 1986. 24p., illus., 8.5x11 inches, wraps. The magazine was founded to prepare for Gay Games II.                                18.00

58.               Unmuzzled ox; vol. III, no. 2, 1975. New York, Unmuzzled Ox, 1975. 125p., wraps. Includes interviews with Allen Ginsberg and James Dickey, and works by John Giorno and a number of the beat poets.        18.00

59.               Women on campus; the unfinished liberation. New Rochelle, NY, Change Magazine, 1975. 256p., paper slightly browned, wraps. These essays, most of which originally appeared in Change, include several with lesbian content.      15.00

60.              Abrams, Linsey. Our history in New York; a novel. New York, Global City Press, 1995. 157p., advance reading copy, wraps. First in Abrams' projected fictional trilogy of gay and lesbian life in New York.            18.00

61.              Ackerley, J. R. My father & myself. New York, Coward-McCann, 1969. 219p., first US edition, shelfworn dj. Young 9*.                                                                                                                 15.00

62.              Adams, Jad. AIDS: the HIV myth. New York, St. Martin's Press, 1988. xii, 244p., first printing, dj.   15.00

63.              Adams, Marc. The preacher's son. West Hollywood, Window Books, 1996. 218p., first printing, dj. Autobiography of a born again gay Christian who eventually breaks from Falwell and fundamentalism and moves to Los Angeles.                                                                                                                    15.00

64.              Aldrich, Ann [M. E. Kerr]. We walk alone; a Gold Medal original. Cover painting by Jack Floherty, Jr. New York, Fawcett, 1962. viii, 143p., later printing, wraps. Earliest Grier listing for Aldrich. Grier A*. (Gold Medal Books d1196)                                                                                                                      18.00

65.              Aldridge, Sarah. Madame Aurora. Tallahassee, Naiad Press, 1983. 248p., first edition, wraps. A&M Books stickers pasted over Naiad Press, cover bears a small sticker scar.                             12.00

66.              Aldyne, Nathan [pseudonym of Michael McDowell and Dennis Schuetz]. Canary. New York, Ballantine Books, 1986. 198p., first edition, pictorial wraps. Fourth Dan Valentine/Clarisse Lovelace mystery. 17.00

67.              Allen, Mariette Pathy. Transformations; crossdressers and those who love them. New York, E. P. Dutton, 1989. Unpaginated, profusely illus., inscribed by Allen to Ms. Bob Davis, 9x12 inches, first printing, dj.   75.00

68.              Allison, Dorothy. Two or three things I know for sure. New York, Dutton, 1995. 94p., inscribed and signed by Allison, first printing, dj. Prose version of Allison's autobiographical performance piece. 25.00

69.              Allyson, Kym. The queer letters. North Hollywood, Brandon House, 1970. 192p. + ads, wraps. Gay pulp fiction. (Homophile Fiction 6119)                                                                                          25.00

70.              alta. Freedom's in sight; poems & collages, drawings by Lorelei. N. pl., the author, 1970. [32p.], second printing, wraps. Poetry. Grier B.                                                                                              20.00

71.              Alta. True story; prose. Oakland, Mama's Press, 1973. 35p., stained wraps.      18.00

72.              Amory, Richard [pseudonym of Richard Love]. Song of Aaron; book two, the loon songs trilogy. San Diego, Greenleaf Classics, 1967. 191p., very good first printing in camp pictorial wraps. Gay pulp fiction Young 63*. (Greenleaf Classic GC222)                                                                                        65.00

73.              Anderson, Chester. Fox & hare; the story of a Friday evening, illustrated by Charles Stevenson. Glen Ellen, CA, Entwhistle Books, 1980. [188]p., 7.75x12 inches, signed on the half-title page by both the author and the illustrator, first paperback edition of this illustrated novel. Young 69.                         65.00

74.              Anderson, Eric. Trailblazing; America's first openly gay high school coach. Fountain Valley, CA, Identity Press, 2003. 209p., second edition, wraps.                                                                          15.00

75.              Anderson, Margaret. The fiery fountains. New York, Hermitage House, 1951. ix, 242p., first edition, worn dj. Anderson's memoirs of Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. Grier A C**.                                                            45.00

76.              Anderson, Robert. Tea and sympathy. London, Heinemann, 1957. 190p., first UK edition, dj, frontis photo, includes London debut playbill. Young 85*.                                                               50.00

77.              Andriote, John-Manuel. Victory deferred; how AIDS changed gay life in America. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press, 1999. xvi, 478p. + 8p. photos, review copy with sheet laid in, first printing, dj.         22.00

78.              Andros, Phil [pseudonym of Samuel Steward]. The joy spot. San Rafael, Frenchy's Gay Line, 1969. 188p., wraps. Gay pulp fiction. Young 93*. (FGL 13)                                                                      30.00

79.              Andros, Phil pseudonym of Samuel Steward]. San Francisco hustler. San Francisco, Gay Parisian Press, 1970. 154p. + [6]p. ads, wraps. Pulp format. Young 96*. (GPP 106)                                  25.00

Not a lot of stuff on "The City," pace title.

80.              Anomaly [pseud.] The invert and his social adjustment; with an introduction by R. H. Thouless. London, Bailliere, Tindall and Cox, 1927. xxii, 160p., first edition green cloth boards gilt, lower joint is splitting and has a little tear, spine panel very slightly faded but lettering still is quite legible.                                            110.00

81.              Anonymous. The adventures of Edward Buddy. Washington, Guild Press, 1969. 91p., wraps. Gay pulp fiction. (Black Knight Classics of the Homosexual Underground)                                           25.00

82.              Anonymous. All the sad young men; anonymous. New York, Wisdom House, 1962. 158p., wraps. Presumed self-confession of a man "plunged into the half-world of homosexuality" -cover. Gay pulp fiction. Young 35*. (W 108)      35.00

83.              Archer, Nuala. The hour of Pan/amá. Galway, Salmon Publishing, 1992. 102p., wraps. Poetry, with lesbian content.                                                                                                                     15.00

84.              Arenas, Reinaldo. Before night falls; translated by Dolores M. Koch. New York, Viking, 1993. 317p., first edition, dj. The Cuban American novelist came to the US during the Mariel exodus, only to find an unsympathetic reception. He developed AIDS before taking his own life in 1990.                              30.00

85.              Arenas, Reinaldo. Old Rosa; a novel in two stories, translated from the Spanish by Ann Tashi Slater and Andrew Hurley. New York, Grove Press, 1989. 106p., first printing, dj.                                                                  15.00

86.              Arenas, Reinaldo. The palace of white skunks; translated by Andrew Hurley. New York, Viking, 1990. 356p., first edition, dj.                                                                                                           20.00

87.              Arimondi, Victor. Boyfriends; an erotic study of the male physique. N. pl., Arlington House, 1984. [64]p., profusely illus. with Arimondi's nude male color photography, 9x12 inches, signed and inscribed by the photographer, dj.  35.00

88.              Arobateau, Red Jordan. The big change; a transexual novel. Oakland, Red Jordan Press, 2001. 223p., later printing, wraps. Reissue of the author's privately printed 1976 publication.                   30.00

89.              Arobateau, Red Jordan. Lucy and Mickey; a butch trip through life before Stonewall [cover title]. New York, Masquerade Books, 1995. 448p., very good first Hard Candy edition in original pictorial wraps. (Hard Candy Books)      20.00

90.              Arobateau, Red Jordan. Suzie-Q; a collection of stories. Oakland, Red Jordan Press, 1993. 257p., first printing, wraps.                                                                                                                       30.00

91.              Aspiz, Harold. Walt Whitman and the body beautiful. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1980. xiii, 290p., dj.      18.00

92.              Auden, W. H. Collected poems; edited by Edward Mendelson. Franklin Center, PA, The Franklin Library, 1976. 696p., first edition, very good, full reconstituted leather binding in the customary Franklin fashion.     22.00

93.              Auden, W. H. Juvenilia; poems, 1922-1928, edited by Katherine Bucknell. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1994. lxxii, 263p., first printing, one dj flap creased.                                                   25.00

94.              Auden, W. H. The platonic blow. New York, Fuck You Press, 1965. [12]p., one of 300 copies, wraps. Publisher Ed Sanders' copy, with his signature and minute hieroglyph, written with superfine nib. First appearance of Auden's great contribution to emergent hippiedom. Young 138*.        225.00

95.              Auden, W. H. Secondary worlds; the T. S. Eliot Memorial Lectures delivered at Eliot College in the University of Kent at Canterbury, October, 1967. London, Faber and Faber, 1945. 144p., first US edition, dj with small stain.      25.00

96.              Auden, W. H. Tell me the truth about love; ten peoms. New York, Vintage, 1994. [36]p., first printing, staplebound wraps. Small paperbound original.                                                          12.00

97.              Austen, Roger. Genteel pagan; the double life of Charles Warren Stoddard, edited by John W. Crowley. Amherst, The University of Massachusetts Press, 1991. xlv, 203p., very good in dj.                  25.00

98.              Austen, Roger. Playing the game; the homosexual novel in America. Indianapolis, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1977. xv, 240p., first printing, dj.                                                                               35.00

99.              Another copy of the first printing, dj with two small chips.                                     25.00

100.          Bachardy, Don. Drawings of the male nude. Pasadena., Twelvetrees Press, 1985. Unpaginated, one of 2,000 casebound copies, 9.5x12 inches, very good in a like dj.                                          150.00

101.          Balliett, Bev and Patti Patton. Graphic details; lesbian erotica & humor, photography by Patti Patton. Phoenix, Star Publications, 1979. 44p., wraps.                                                                         25.00

102.          Banens, Maks. De homo-aversie; een analyse van de maatschappelijke onderdukking van homoseksualiteit. Groningen, Historische Uitgeverij, 1981. 176p., wraps. OCLC lists no copies in American libraries. 65.00

103.          Bannon, Race. Learning the ropes; a basic guide to safe and fun s/m lovemaking, foreword by Guy Baldwin. Los Angeles, Daedalus Publishing Company, 1992. 159p., wraps.                                                                     18.00

104.          Banta, William F. AIDS in the workplace; legal questions and practical answers. New York, Lexington Books, 1993. xxi, 427p., updated and expanded edition.                                                       18.00

105.          Barbo, Beverly. The walking wounded; a mother's true story of her son's homosexuality and his eventual AIDS related death!. Lindsborg, KS, Carlsons', 1987. xv, 247p., snapshot illus., inscribed by Barbo, later printing, wraps.      20.00

106.          Barela, Tim. Domesticity isn't pretty; a Leonard & Larry collection. Minneapolis, Palliard Press, 1993. 144p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, wraps. A collection of Leonard & Larry strips, with a foreword by John Preston.      20.00

107.          Barela, Tim. Kurt Cobain and Mozart are both dead; the second Leonard & Larry collection. Minneapolis, Palliard Press, 1996. 89p., 8.5x11 inches, first printing, wraps.                                                                    18.00

108.          Barker, George. Collected poems, 1930-1955. London, Faber and Faber, 1957. 245p., previous owner's bookplate, first edition, dj .                                                                                        30.00

109.          Barnes, Djuna. The antiphon; a play. London, Faber and Faber, 1958. 127p., first British edition, dj chipped at head of spine affecting "The" in title lettering.                                                               45.00

110.          Barr, James. Quatrefoil; a modern novel. New York, Greenberg: Publisher, 1950. 373p., previous owner's signature, first edition, dj worn and torn at corners and spine ends, small chip at the head. Young 188*.        75.00

111.          [Barr], James Fugaté. Game of fools; a play of those fools, by those fools, and for those fools, who stubbornly refuse to perish from this earth. Los Angeles, One Incorporated, 1955. xii, 100p., #19 of 2000 copies, signed by Barr on the half-title page, dj taped, worn and stained (smoke damage, provenance on request), with stain penetrating to front board, also discolors top edge. Young 186*.                                                     65.00

112.          Barrows, Philip. Whores, queers, and others. New York, The Traveller's Companion, 1967. Two volumes, 361p., wraps. Young 190*. (TC 211 , TC 212)                                                        35.00

113.          Bastian, Till. Homosexuelle im Dritten Reich; Geschichte einer Verfolgung. Munich, Verlag C. H. Beck, 2000. 101p., wraps.                                                                                                            25.00

114.          Batchelor, Edward, ed. Homosexuality and ethics. New York, The Pilgrim Press, 1980. 261p., dj.   25.00

115.          Bawer, Bruce. A place at the table; the gay individual in American society. New York, Poseidon Press, 1993. 269p., first printing.                                                                                                    12.00

116.          Bayer, Ronald. Homosexuality and American psychiatry; the politics of diagnosis. New York, Basic Books, 1981. viii, 216p., first printing, dj.                                                                               25.00

117.          Beardsley, Aubrey. Zeichnungen (Drawings). Berlin, Gerhardt Verlag, 1966. 127p., illustrated wraps, slipcase, numerous plates, second edition of 3000 copies, 1924 Introduction by Franz Blei, beautiful reproductions of many of Beardsley's most famous works from Salome, Lysistrata etc., text in German and English. 45.00

118.          Beaton, Cecil  . Self portrait with friends; the selected diaries of Cecil Beaton, 1926-1974, edited by Richard Buckle. New York, Times Books, 1979. xi, 435p. + 24p. photographs, first edition, dj. 20.00

119.          Bedford, Sybille. Compass error. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1969. 270p., first US edition, shelfworn dj. Grier A**.                                                                                                                         25.00

120.          Bee, Abby, Irene Reti and Sarah-Hope Parmeter, eds. The world between women. Santa Cruz, HerBooks, 1987. 136p., illus., wraps. Covers various aspects of woman-to-woman experience, with considerable lesbian content.      18.00

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Goodman "was a novelist and poet as well as a social commentator and one of the most influential members of the New Left." *Johnpoll.

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. .

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Copyright page lists publisher as Genell but title page printed as "An original Viceroy Publication".

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Torres' first book describes the lives of young girls in French military barracks.

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Expelled from Barnard in 1986, Willis has worked as a nanny, poodle groomer, stripper, and a dominatrix, finally scoring big as the entertainer at San Francisco's most notorious political event of 1997 ...

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